Multi-purpose midsize CNC turning 64mm bar capacity, 2 spindles and 1 turret with Y-Axis.

We introduce a new bar machine equipped with a subspindle and a Y axis that can machine bar material up to 64mm.
The structure of the machine, consisting of precision scraped square guideways that provide high rigidity and excellent vibration damping characteristics and a heavy 30° slanted bed of a platform construction with appropriately arranged ribs ensuring good thermal stability and minimum dimensional changes over time, realizes consistent high machining accuracy.

  • Y-axis function is more capable for complex high-value parts.
  • Mono black slant bed and square slide for efficient chip flow and high accuracy.
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Machines BND-51SY2 BND-64
Diametre max de travail en barre ø51mm ø64mm
Long max de tournage Barre 320mm 320mm
Type de tourelle 12St.Turret 12St.Turret
Course des axes Axe X 175mm 175mm
Axe Z 435mm 435mm
Axe Y +40mm/-35mm +40mm/-35mm
Axe B 530mm 530mm
Taille de carré d’outil □20mm □20mm
Alésage pour outil d’intérieur ø25mm ø25mm
Nbre max d’outils rotatifs 12 12
Vitesse de la broche principale 50 – 5,000min-1 50 – 5,000min-1
Moteur de broche (30min/Cont) 15/11kW 15/11kW
Poids machine Approx. 4,500kg 4,500kg

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